Free Wordpress Plugin - Ad Rotator

Being an affiliate and bring fresh banners to your visitors can be a time consuming process. WP Ads is a free Wordpress plugin that automates the rotation of any type of advertisement you wish. You simply add the code, which can be banners, adsense, whatever to a banner spot, then assign it to an ad zone. Code is then displayed to be added to your posts or to your Wordpress template files where you want the banners to be shown.

The ad rotator plugin provides a basic report of how many times a specific ad is shown. WP Ads also allows tweaking of weights, so some ads can be shown more often than others. As you ad banner spots they are displayed as a list in the 'Settings' section of your WP dashboard. It's an easy process to add, delete, or edit your ads at any time. All in all it's an amazing plugin that I should have been using years ago.

It's important to continously update your banners with promotions for affiliate programs. Stale banners increase visitor ad blindness and obviously lowers your clicks and conversions. This great wordpress plugin automates the entire process so you can spend more time updating your content, not your ads.

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